Symptoms of an HIV Rash

By admin 2015-07-27

Contracting the HIV virus can make infected people acquire the symptoms of an HIV rash. It would be unfortunate if there’s an appearance of rashes since it would signify that the infection has progressed to full-blown AIDS.

Here are the symptoms of an HIV rash:

At any moment in the life of an HIV infected person, rashes will make an appearance on his or her skin. The rash could be because of the HIV, but it could also be a side-effect of the medications that are given to gain control over the disease.

The appearance of the rash would be small bumps over a small swollen patch of skin. The color of the rash in an HIV-infected person would be different as that of common rashes found in inflammations or allergies. If the HIV-infected person has skin color that is pale or light, the rash would be colored either red-brown or dark red. If the infected person has dark colored skin the rash color would be either purple-black or dark brown. The rash has a tendency to make an appearance 2-3 weeks after the person has become infected. As stated, it would also signify that the infection has reached the last stage. It is for this reason that knowledge of the signs and symptoms of the HIV infection is very important so a doctor can be consulted right away when you start to get the symptoms. This is not only applicable to the HIV but also to other infections and diseases as the earlier a disease is diagnosed and treated, the better chance that it could save a life.

The skin becomes dry and scaly the moment the rash appears in an HIV-infected person. It could be compared to a bad psoriasis break-out. In women, as soon as the rashes appear, it follows that genital warts or sores will also happen. The HIV rash that makes an appearance in women will not be dissimilar from the men and will show the same symptoms. In the acute stage of the HIV rash, there will be blisters and sores on the genitals with some skin peeling. During the first stage of treatment, the rash will not only affect the genital area but also will make an appearance on the face. Rash as a symptom of the HIV infection is very important since more often an accurate diagnosis can be formed from them.

The information about the various signs and symptoms of an HIV rash should be taken as a way of making each and every one of us vigilant against this deadly disease. Prevention will still be the best medicine to take and protective barriers like a condom should always be the extra precaution to take before engaging in a sexual relationship with an unknown partner. It is also imperative that should you find yourself infected, the best possible way to combat or control the disease is to have tests done so a mode of treatment can be implemented.

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