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World AIDS Day

by admin 2015-07-27

Every first day of December of every year has been designated as World AIDS Day as a way for people from all over the world to stop and see the progress that has been done to prevent or eventually stop the prevalent spread of HIV/AIDS. Some of the promising breakthroughs are from Thailand where an ongoing vaccine against HIV/AIDS is being studied; another is in South Africa involving a microbicide study; and a study on HIV drug usage targeting infection involving different countries. All of these may take some time to implement, but heartwarming nevertheless for the new hope that it brings to thousands of HIV/AIDS infected people which could pave the way for the eventual prevention of the infection.

The prevention techniques pose a challenge for people to see the seriousness of the disease and take the necessary action to make sure that prevention of HIV is implemented. Discipline and mind-setting should be the right attitude for people to use to a point where it will be an automatic gesture for everyone to use microbicides and condoms when there is an expected sexual activity. These behavioral changes will be one of the most effective weapons against prevention of HIV/AIDS. It should be seen that HIV/AIDS will not end by using a single method but rather a series of methods used regularly.

Historically, vaccines have proved to be the best weapon against epidemics. Measles, polio, and smallpox have been eradicated and prevented with effective vaccines. The pandemic nature of AIDS needs an effective vaccine which a few developed ones are showing great potential. Thinking about having a successful vaccine to protect and prevent HIV/AIDS is an exciting thought that could help the entire world in destroying the scourge of this deadly infection.

The World AIDS day is one positive step for the whole world to combine forces that do away with race, sex, religion, age, and social status, standing as one in a fight against a common deadly enemy, the HIV/AIDS that has claimed the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. It is also a special day for making people become aware that health organizations, centers, and governments can only do as much, but the rest of the effort rests on each and every one of us. Discipline, a sense of responsibility, and awareness are some of the keys towards containing the spread of the infection.

It is also a special day to be thankful for the tireless efforts that modern medical technologies have made for this disease in terms of research, the latest techniques in prevention, and the never-ceasing search for an affordable, safe, and effective vaccine. The day is also dedicated to the memory of people who have been victims of HIV/AIDS as people from all parts of the globe look forward to a day when fear of death or infection will not be the hindrance to loving someone.

May this day be forever commemorated and celebrated every year even when a cure could be miraculously developed to make HIV/AIDS eradicated, never to return.

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